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Minnesota songwriting at its finest: Willie Wisely, Turn! Turn! Turn!, and Dylan Hicks at the Turf Club

January 2020

It’d be easy to miscategorize Turn! Turn! Turn! as the latest project of Honeydogs founder Adam Levy. That’s only 1/3 of the story, though.

The band also includes two equally talented songwriters, Savannah Smith and Barb Brynstad. Big-voiced Smith released her debut album of lush pop/rock last year. Brynstad, a veteran of a number of Twin Cities bands, adds in more folk and Americana elements.

Levy, Smith, and Brynstad each sang their own material, in addition to a handful of well-chosen covers. Their chemistry was especially apparent in their well-crafted harmonies, while the band behind them (Jason Shannon on keys, Josh Kaplan on drums, and Toni Lindgren on guitar) filled in the sound admirably.

Surprisingly, it was their first full band show. There were no hiccups, and lead guitarist Toni Lindgren was especially fantastic. Her licks and solos featured shades of old school country, folk, surf rock, psychedelia, and more. I’ve rarely seen a guitar player that seems more “at one” with their instrument. She hit every groove perfectly.

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