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New Rays From an Old Sun

Dopamine Blues

Videos From The New Album

Praise for New Rays From an Old Sun

"Given this generous slab of pure pop perfection, it's only natural that the emphatic arrangements and extra attention to detail should accentuate the accessibility factor, which, in turn, is naturally primed for perfection. Compared to much of what passes as pop these days, This is a fine turn (turn turn) indeed."

American Songwriter

"New Rays from an Old Sun has no shortage of lived experience and is one hell of a piece of great art. The album features all the elements that made Turn Turn Turn’s debut stand out in the genre, amplified to create an even larger-sounding musical tapestry. Reminiscent of the Laurel Canyon psychedelic folk and cosmic country scene of the ‘60s and ‘70s, it too is destined to provide the soundtrack to many a great road trip."

The Current

“Like the title of the CD suggests – it’s like new rays from an old sun. It’s a de-mystification of mainstream music because this is what should be pounding in people’s ears. There’s a quality to it all since even though it’s driven by pop music it stirs the blues, whisks progressive rock identities & whips up folksier tunes (“Schisandra” & “Acceleration Dreams”) sound like The New Seekers with the late-great Judith Durham.”

Americana Highways

Like a 60's flower-power hippie who's taken a wrong turn into 70's Nashville and started a band, TURN TURN TURN seem to play the sort of Cosmic American Music that a spaced-out Gram Parsons might have envisaged. Featuring Three vocalists with Distinctive voices, New Rays From An Old Sun takes a very honky-tonk approach to Laurel Canyon rock.

RNR Magazine - UK

"A warm '70s Los Angeles breeziness in their three-part, Fleetwood Mac-ian vocal parts, but it's updated here with more of a psychedelic paisley-pop sheen, plus edgier and more emotionally wrecked…truly an album to celebrate."


"The new album is a triumph ... finding plenty of joyous moments to celebrate. Every song works flawlessly, such as the catchy and wryly blunt title track, New Rays From an Old Sun, and the cathartic realism of 7 Kids."

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

"Overall this record is a gorgeous blast of harmony vocals and songs with mellifluous hooks. Everything is built on the strength of the song-writing – and it is impressive."

Poprock Record Toronto

“Fine vocal harmonies, a pinch of Soul, country elements, and subtle psychedelia… potential chart toppers with lyrical depth. 8.5 out 10 stars.”

Swizz Records Switzerland

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Photo by Shelly Mosman

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"Where their debut was more Nashville-meets-Greenwich Village, the second LP by this easy-charming trifecta of Twin Cities singer/songwriters sounds entrenched in Los Angeles of the '60s and '70s. Adam Levy of local Honeydogs fame channels paisley pop in 'Dopamine Blues' and Buffalo Springfield in 'Hymn of the Hater.' Savannah Smith goes Gram Parsons-style cosmic country in 'Powder.' And Barb Brynstad's 'Stranger in a Strange Land' suggests she could stand in for Christine McVie."

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