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"One of the Twin Cities' most promising new original acts...the alt-twang sonic vibe evokes comparisons to '70s Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, '80s Rosanne Cash and 2010s-era Jenny Lewis."


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"Gorgeous harmonies and beautiful finger-picking ... the Minnesota trio’s debut album, ‘Can’t Go Back’ promises more soulful harmonies and cross-genre, melodic songs."


"Warm, ear-wormy, fiercely accessible...there’s a classic, sunbaked ’70s vibe throughout that gives the record a timeless, almost escapist mass appeal."





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Turn Turn Turn is a trio who bonded over their mutual love of close harmony 60s and 70s country, folk, and pop music and formed an original Americana band. To create their distinctive sound, the band “turns” to the distant past of early American recorded music, “turns” again to that renaissance of the 1960s and 1970s, and finally “turns” again to the present looking forward. 

Members Adam Levy (guitar, vocals), Savannah Smith (guitar, vocals) and Barb Brynstad (bass, vocals) are all mainstays of the Minnesota music scene and together craft an infectious, pop-infused Americana.


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Even though Turn Turn Turn was born as a cover band, the group's original material – sweetheart alt-country folk-pop with a smattering of soulful strut – quickly stole the spotlight. (Imagine if Emmylou Harris recruited The Beatles to form her house band with the Mamas & the Papas on backing vocals, and they asked Sly Stone to sit in for a song or two.) The band recently recorded an album now out on Simon Recordings at the state-of-the-art Zoo School Studio in pastoral St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, engineered by Jason Shannon. The result is 12 masterfully constructed songs that showcase Levy’s adept soul/folk/country guitar playing and the band's supernatural harmonies.

When the members of Turn Turn Turn sing together, their voices – each with a distinctive timbre and complementary range – blend in a delectable, cosmic way, forming a rootsy, Laurel Canyon-inspired sound that is both distinctive and familiar.






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